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Happy dog playing with Pippen with his owner

Why is playing with your dog so important?

In honour of the launch of PIPPEN, Axaeco’s first dog toy, we want to dedicate an article to the role of play in our dogs’ lives. We talk to Roberto Guadagnini, a vet behaviourist: Play «In the natural world all mammals play. This is especially true for species which care for their young for an extended period of time and which are not under constant threat of attack from predators. The animal orders to which these characteristics most apply are carnivores (which includes wolves, the ancestor of modern dogs) and primates (such as our own species). The fact that playful activity is seen in many wild species, means that it must serve an important evolutionary role; indeed, play stimulates and develops motor activity

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Skijoring… What is that?

Skijoring is a winter sport where a person on skis is pulled by a dog. The term “joring” is derived from the Norwegian word “jøre,” which means “to drive” or “to make go”. In Skijoring dogs are harnessed and attached to the skier via a towline. Training for skijoring involves teaching your dog to pull you while you’re on skis and ensuring both you and your dog are comfortable and safe during the activity.  Here are some steps to help you get started: Basic Obedience Training Before introducing your dog to skijoring, make sure they have basic obedience training. Commands like “stay,” “come,” “gee” (for turn right) and “haw” (for turn left) are essential. Get the Right Equipment Invest in

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Canicross = Cross country running with dogs

Began as a way of training sled dogs during the off season, when there’s no snow, before becoming a sport in its own right.  Canicross is accessible to everyone and suitable for all dog breeds, though especially suited to sporty dogs; it combines the pleasure of exercise with the pleasure of getting outdoors with your dog. As with all sports, training for both runner and dog obviously needs to be tailored to  work gradually towards your individual sporting goals. It is essential to create close synergy between athlete and dog so that you are, eventually, able to run at the same pace and have fun together.  An important element of canicross training is keeping your dog motivated, right from your

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High Altitude Dog Trekking

THE WALKING WOLF: Thomas and Numb on Europe’s highest peak, Mont Blanc 4,807m asl Together, we have been on extraordinary adventures: we have hiked difficult trails to reach the summits of the highest mountains in Italy, at altitudes of over 4,000 metres, tackled challenging obstacles and admired breathtaking views. Now, we have just fulfilled a lifelong ambition: enjoying a delicious sandwich sitting on top of Mont Blanc’s 4807-metre peak, which we climbed via the Italian route.This amazing achievement was made possible thanks to more than a year of painstaking and careful preparation. It is this extensive preparation that makes all the difference to our own experience and means we can guide you competently and safely on your own journey to

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What’s up?

Harness X Run Designed from years of experience in competitive dog sports, “Harness X Run” is a lightweight, professional harness with a sporty, practical design. “Harness X Run” is suitable for use with all dog breeds. Ideal for canicross, the harness has been stress tested in all weather conditions to guarantee durability and reliability. Reflective 3M™ strips mean that your dog stays visible even in low light and poor visibility weather. The harness is made from durable Rip-stop nylon and its ergonomic design works in harmony with your dog for maximum sports performance. “Harness X Run” is a design registered with the EUIPO and protected by the European Union. Designed for your dog’s comfort and to withstand demanding sports activities,

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The long path to the top of Europe

Thomas Colussa, 40 years old, ex-competitive ski athlete, passionate mountaineer and Executive Chef by profession, has a dream: to reach the summit of Mont Blanc (4,807 m), not alone, but with his trusted friend Numb, a 1 year old Czechoslovakian wolf dog. It is a record-breaking feat: to get so high, but in the company of a dog. Obviously with all safety for Numb and for himself; this has always been a priority for Thomas. The enterprise that Thomas is attempting requires specific equipment for Numb. For this reason, AXAECO has decided to support their adventure with its products.Follow with us, Numb and Thomas in their training, to be able to reach the top of Europe, at 4,807 meters. #walkingwolf

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Freedom and Safety!

Spring is the perfect season for long walks and hikes. Taking your dog along with you on these outings makes them an even more enjoyable experience, both for you and your canine companion.Given that dogs are natural predators, the great outdoors gives your dogs a myriad of interesting scents to sniff along the way. Whether you’re walking by the sea, in the countryside or along mountain trails, remember that letting your dog off the lead can – particularly at this time of year – lead to trouble and may even be illegal in some areas.One thing to be especially mindful of is that you may encounter wild animals along the way. With it being spring, some of these animals may

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Exercise and Training

Many training principles are specific to the type of activity in which your dogs will be involved. Other variables include climate, terrain, age of the dog, breed of the dog, etc. All forms of mushing, with all the different variables, are wonderful ways of forming a close bond with your dogs. In general, training can be separated into two categories: education and physical conditioning. When you are planning your training schedule, consider your goals and your dogs’ abilities. Simply counting miles, for instance, can be deceptive. The type of conditions that the dogs encounter are important too, i.e. steep hills, trail-breaking in heavy snow, extreme temperatures or wind. New mushers should consult books and experienced mushers for help, but also

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Hydration of canine athletes by DVM Sergio Maffi

To ensure that our dogs reach their full performance potential, we are used to focusing on the raw materials in their feed, the calories, and percentages of protein and fats. However there is one component of their diet which is often overlooked, and although it contains not a single calorie it is the most important part of what we feed our dogs…WATER! Click here for the full article.

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Fun in the snow!

Getting out into the snow with your dog can be great fun but there are a few things to bear in mind to keep your four-legged friend safe. Fluffy white piles of newly fallen snow are often irresistible for dogs and they’ll soon be off running and playing through the drifts. Sometimes your dog may be tempted to eat the snow, whether for fun, thirst or to cool down after a run. Unfortunately, swallowing snow can sometimes cause vomiting, diarrhoea, chills or other issues. If any of these problems arise in your dog, you should always contact your vet. Fresh snow can also cause problems with your dog’s paws, forming lumps or balls of ice. These can be very irritating

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