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On foot, on wheels or on a sled: outdoor sports in the company of your dog, without limits.
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The functionality and quality of our products are always at the heart of our research, to guarantee you optimal comfort and performance during their use. Whether it is a simple walk or a trek, up to the canicross and the sleddog, all our equipment is made by putting the dog (and its trainer) at the centre.

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Just imagine your dog bounding along the trail beside you. Your dog gets a better workout and you might just discover the perfect running partner.

But never forget trail running with your dog takes some preparation and learning. Here are the products you need to trail run with your dog:


Biking or kickbiking with your dog can be great exercise and great fun, provided you are careful and well prepared.

Knowing how to cycle safely with a dog and the best dog bike equipment on the market is a must for a fun day out. Before you cycle off along the trail with your dog, you need to consider certain issues regarding your dog’s health and safety. Here you can find everything you need to prepare your dog for a bike or kickbike ride:


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