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Axaeco was born in Gafsele, Southern Lapland, Sweden, in 2007.
In 2023 Axaeco starts its Italian company in Manzano (UD).
We offer high quality equipment designed for active and racing sled dogs.
Innovative design, advanced technology and performance define our high standard products.

AXAECO = Axa & Co.

Henry Coronica’s experience with sleddogs began in 1997, while working as handler for the “Scuola Italiana Sleddog“ in Ponte di Legno/Tonale (Iditarod team) in the Italian Alps.
It wasn’t long before his experience as a handler turned into a lifestyle and Henry began taking part in mid-distance races such as Alpentrail and long distance races such as Femundlopet, Finnmarkslopet, Amundsen Race, La Grande Odyssee as well as many others all over Europe. Henry and his family moved from the Italian Alps to Sweden, in 2007.

Axa was Henry’s first sleddog and gives her name to AXAECO which now supplies top quality dog equipment across Europe.

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