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Freedom and Safety!

Freedom and Safety!

Spring is the perfect season for long walks and hikes. Taking your dog along with you on these outings makes them an even more enjoyable experience, both for you and your canine companion.
Given that dogs are natural predators, the great outdoors gives your dogs a myriad of interesting scents to sniff along the way.

Whether you’re walking by the sea, in the countryside or along mountain trails, remember that letting your dog off the lead can – particularly at this time of year – lead to trouble and may even be illegal in some areas.
One thing to be especially mindful of is that you may encounter wild animals along the way. With it being spring, some of these animals may be pregnant females and therefore less able to escape and more at risk of injury and death if your dog chases them.

A great compromise which gives your dog lots of freedom to explore while protecting local wildlife is using a long, shock-absorbing lead which is comfortable and safe for your dog.

We should never forget that dogs need fresh air and the chance to run around and play and these activities are an essential part of their physical and mental well-being: but we should always make safety a top priority both for our dog and for local wildlife.

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