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Hydration of canine athletes by DVM Sergio Maffi

To ensure that our dogs reach their full performance potential, we are used to focusing on the raw materials in their feed, the calories, and percentages of protein and fats. However there is one component of their diet which is often overlooked, and although it contains not a single calorie it is the most important part of what we feed our dogs…WATER! Click here for the full article.

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Best Dog Care Award

We have always supported the most important European sleddog competitions and the most coveted prize for many competitors is this one. The Best Dog Care award recognizes the respect and care that every musher dedicates to their team of dogs. This year we are the official sponsor of the biggest long distance races in Europe: Femundlopet and Finnmarkslopet. The Femundlopet 650 km, 450 km, 200 km and Junior will start from Roros, Norway on 5 February. The race can be followed on the official website: www.femundlopet.no Finnmarkslopet 1200 km, 600 km and Junior will start from Alta, Norway on 12 March.  The race can be followed on the official website: www.finnmarkslopet.no Good mushing to all teams!

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Health in focus! By Petter Karlsson

WinterPad® cream offers excellent protection for the interdigital spaces and pads. It forms a waterproof and protective layer. Spread on sensitive areas of paws exposed to frost, snow, ice, mud, and uneven ground. Tested in harsh polar climates. “Hi, my name is Petter Karlsson.I have been using Winterpad for many years to keep my dog’s paws in good condition. I try to run dogs without shoes as much as possible, partly to reduce the risk of wrist damage and partly to reinforce their paw pads.Winterpad protects from the formation of ice on the paws and around the paws, but still allows the paws to remain strong and sturdy. I also sometimes use Winterpad in combination with booties. If you have

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