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Health in focus! By Petter Karlsson

Health in focus! By Petter Karlsson

WinterPad® cream offers excellent protection for the interdigital spaces and pads. It forms a waterproof and protective layer. Spread on sensitive areas of paws exposed to frost, snow, ice, mud, and uneven ground. Tested in harsh polar climates.

“Hi, my name is Petter Karlsson.
I have been using Winterpad for many years to keep my dog’s paws in good condition. I try to run dogs without shoes as much as possible, partly to reduce the risk of wrist damage and partly to reinforce their paw pads.
Winterpad protects from the formation of ice on the paws and around the paws, but still allows the paws to remain strong and sturdy. I also sometimes use Winterpad in combination with booties. If you have both Winterpad and booties, you can remove them when they are frozen and continue with just Winterpad. We also found that small wounds on the paws heal faster when using Winterpad.”

Petter Karlsson
Swedish musher and winner of major races over the last 12 years.

Some of the most gruelling and well-known races he has won are: La Grande Odyssee 1000 km in France in 2008; Finnmarkslopet 1000 km in 2016; Femundlopet 650 km in 2017; Finnmarkslopet 1200 km in 2018.

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