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Exercise and Training

Many training principles are specific to the type of activity in which your dogs will be involved. Other variables include climate, terrain, age of the dog, breed of the dog, etc. All forms of mushing, with all the different variables, are wonderful ways of forming a close bond with your dogs. In general, training can be separated into two categories: education and physical conditioning. When you are planning your training schedule, consider your goals and your dogs’ abilities. Simply counting miles, for instance, can be deceptive. The type of conditions that the dogs encounter are important too, i.e. steep hills, trail-breaking in heavy snow, extreme temperatures or wind. New mushers should consult books and experienced mushers for help, but also

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Boosting for CaniX!

Used by almost all professional human athletes, interval training has long been recognized as one of the most effective ways to improve cardiovascular and respiratory fitness and build endurance. Interval training is an ideal workout for dogs too. This kind of training is a form of cardiovascular training where short bursts of strenuous activity are followed by periods of rest, raising and lowering the heart rate multiple times during the session.Interval training is made up of phases of high intensity work and easier rest phases. Interval Training is a key training system to increase the power of our dogs, an essential element in speed racing. We should never underestimate the need for every canine athlete to have an annual veterinary

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