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Canicross = Cross country running with dogs

Began as a way of training sled dogs during the off season, when there’s no snow, before becoming a sport in its own right.  Canicross is accessible to everyone and suitable for all dog breeds, though especially suited to sporty dogs; it combines the pleasure of exercise with the pleasure of getting outdoors with your dog. As with all sports, training for both runner and dog obviously needs to be tailored to  work gradually towards your individual sporting goals. It is essential to create close synergy between athlete and dog so that you are, eventually, able to run at the same pace and have fun together.  An important element of canicross training is keeping your dog motivated, right from your

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Exercise and Training

Many training principles are specific to the type of activity in which your dogs will be involved. Other variables include climate, terrain, age of the dog, breed of the dog, etc. All forms of mushing, with all the different variables, are wonderful ways of forming a close bond with your dogs. In general, training can be separated into two categories: education and physical conditioning. When you are planning your training schedule, consider your goals and your dogs’ abilities. Simply counting miles, for instance, can be deceptive. The type of conditions that the dogs encounter are important too, i.e. steep hills, trail-breaking in heavy snow, extreme temperatures or wind. New mushers should consult books and experienced mushers for help, but also

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Hydration of canine athletes by DVM Sergio Maffi

To ensure that our dogs reach their full performance potential, we are used to focusing on the raw materials in their feed, the calories, and percentages of protein and fats. However there is one component of their diet which is often overlooked, and although it contains not a single calorie it is the most important part of what we feed our dogs…WATER! Click here for the full article.

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