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The long path to the top of Europe

The long path to the top of Europe

Thomas Colussa, 40 years old, ex-competitive ski athlete, passionate mountaineer and Executive Chef by profession, has a dream: to reach the summit of Mont Blanc (4,807 m), not alone, but with his trusted friend Numb, a 1 year old Czechoslovakian wolf dog.

It is a record-breaking feat: to get so high, but in the company of a dog. Obviously with all safety for Numb and for himself; this has always been a priority for Thomas.

The enterprise that Thomas is attempting requires specific equipment for Numb.

For this reason, AXAECO has decided to support their adventure with its products.
Follow with us, Numb and Thomas in their training, to be able to reach the top of Europe, at 4,807 meters.


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