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Harness X Run Designed from years of experience in competitive dog sports, “Harness X Run” is a lightweight, professional harness with a sporty, practical design. “Harness X Run” is suitable for use with all dog breeds. Ideal for canicross, the harness has been stress tested in all weather conditions to guarantee durability and reliability. Reflective 3M™ strips mean that your dog stays visible even in low light and poor visibility weather. The harness is made from durable Rip-stop nylon and its ergonomic design works in harmony with your dog for maximum sports performance. “Harness X Run” is a design registered with the EUIPO and protected by the European Union. Designed for your dog’s comfort and to withstand demanding sports activities,

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Boosting for CaniX!

Used by almost all professional human athletes, interval training has long been recognized as one of the most effective ways to improve cardiovascular and respiratory fitness and build endurance. Interval training is an ideal workout for dogs too. This kind of training is a form of cardiovascular training where short bursts of strenuous activity are followed by periods of rest, raising and lowering the heart rate multiple times during the session.Interval training is made up of phases of high intensity work and easier rest phases. Interval Training is a key training system to increase the power of our dogs, an essential element in speed racing. We should never underestimate the need for every canine athlete to have an annual veterinary

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Health in focus! By Petter Karlsson

WinterPad® cream offers excellent protection for the interdigital spaces and pads. It forms a waterproof and protective layer. Spread on sensitive areas of paws exposed to frost, snow, ice, mud, and uneven ground. Tested in harsh polar climates. “Hi, my name is Petter Karlsson.I have been using Winterpad for many years to keep my dog’s paws in good condition. I try to run dogs without shoes as much as possible, partly to reduce the risk of wrist damage and partly to reinforce their paw pads.Winterpad protects from the formation of ice on the paws and around the paws, but still allows the paws to remain strong and sturdy. I also sometimes use Winterpad in combination with booties. If you have

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