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Feel good, feel SPRING!

Feel good, feel SPRING!

With the right equipment there are lots of ways to get out into nature with your dog: walks, hikes and runs are not just fun freetime activities, they’re a great way for dogs and their owners to stay fit and healthy too. As long as we respect the needs of our own dogs (as well as those of any other animals or humans you may encounter) when out and about, these activities can be a great chance to build an even closer relationship with your dog by having fun together whether you’re in the mountains, hillwalking, exploring lakeside trails or woodland parks. 

Most dogs love running, that’s why here at Axaeco have created a range of purposely-designed, high-quality products to keep our four-legged friends happy. Different activities need different types of harnesses and it’s essential that the harness you choose is the right size for your dog. This prevents potential injuries to their cervical spine or trachea and that ensures that the power generated by their four paws is correctly and evenly distributed. An elastic lead helps prevent back injuries in dogs as it works as a shock absorber, thereby reducing the effect of sudden pulls or tugs. A trekking belt which you attach a dog’s lead or line to is the perfect accessory to use on hikes as it means you can keep both your hands free.

The ideal terrain for dogs to run on is off-road or on grass and if you discover that your dog is a running fanatic, why not also check out other activities such as Agility, Canicross, Rally Obedience? Your dog might even be the next international doggy champion athlete! Even if your dog isn’t quite up to international competition standards, there are lots of clubs and societies who organize dog events, excursions and treks in a safe environment and aimed at different levels of ability and fitness. They are a great way to meet like-minded people who love spending time outdoors and doing activities with their dogs.

Whether you choose to go running with your dog, get involved in canicross or any other type of active dog fun and sport, it’s always essential that your dog has regular checkups with their vet to make sure that the activities you do together are safe and respect the welfare of your canine companion. Remember that certain strenuous activities are not suitable for all dogs.

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