Polar Heavy Duty 180

Polar Heavy Duty 180

Polar Heavy Duty 180 is a solid toboggan aluminum sled dedicated to tourist companies. It’s also perfect for touring on the mountains or for recreational mushing.

The sled can also load a person onto its basket.

Made from aluminum to minimise the maintenance that wood requires.

The sled is sold complete with aluminum runners and a QCR system, claw brake and rubber brake mat. Sled bag is an optional extra;

Total length from brush bow to the tail of the runner: 305 cm.;

Height of the handlebar: 103 cm.;

Width: 54 cm.;

Basket length: 180 cm.;

Runners length: 280 cm;

Weight: kg 20;

3 Nikalite Red Reflex SL800 high visibility spot per sled side;

The basket, brush bow and plastic parts are made of high density polyethylene.

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