Kipmik Booties

Kipmik Booties

Dog Booties produced by the Alaskan manufacturer Kipmik and imported to Europe by Axaeco.

Four different styles to choose from:

1) Medflex® (Stretch Velcro®) – very sticky, very soft, 95% elongation;

2) Duragrip® (Stretch Loops) – fewer loops make it easier to remove than the MedFlex. 95% elongation;

3) Velcro® (non-stretch hook & loop);

4) Cordura 500D Duragrip Strap, perfect for dryland.

The stretch Velcro closure straps are tabbed and burned at the loose end for easy removal. The top edge of the bootie material is lock stitched to prevent unraveling of the material. The seams are also lock stitched and reinforced. The toe area is slightly tapered to reduce flop. Booties are turned right side out and are ready to use.

Dog bootie sizes are color coded by the Velcro patch sewn to the body of the bootie.


Size Height (cm) Base length (cm) Top Length (cm) Dog weight (kg)
S (White) 12,5 5,5 8 18
M (Red) 13 6 9 23
L (Yellow) 14 6,5 9,5 27
XL (Green) 15,5 7 10 32


Please note the table below regarding our quantity based prices. The discount won’t appear on the product page but it will be visible in the shopping cart.

Quantity Discount Price / Bootie (€)
1-3 0% 5,9
4-99 25% 4,425
100-299 50% 2,95
300-599 60% 2,36
600+ 70% 1,77