Winterpad 500 ml.

Winterpad 500 ml.

The product has been developed for the needs of long distance mushers in Gafsele at our “Open Sky Laboratory & Research” in cooperation with ICF Srl in a study program that lasted 12 months.

WinterPad® cream provides excellent protection to the interdigital spaces and pads. It forms a waterproof and protective layer. Spread it on sensitive areas of the paws when exposed to: frost, snow, ice, mud, uneven ground.

Thanks to its special formula, not containing water, the cream does not freeze in cold temperatures.

WinterPad® is the best choice of veterinarians all over Scandinavia.


Zinc oxide;


Melaleuca essential oil;

Thymus essential oil;

Does not contain any doping substance.


The 50 ml. and 150 ml. size can be purchased to our distributors:

Drbaddaky.com (in Sweden, Norway and Denmark)

Faunapharma.fi (in Finland)