All-Rounder Vest

All-Rounder Vest

This is a multi use elastic vest usable while walking, running or resting;

Excellent for lowering the body temperature when soaked in cold water for certain limited time;

Aids in retaining body warmth when needed in lower temps for certain limited time;

Can be put under the harness to avoid scrubs on the chest;

Ensures visibility of the dog in daylight and darkness (reflex Axaeco logo on left side);

UV protecting vest;

Made of elastic Lycra;

Extremely flexible to conform perfectly to the body;

Color: Royal blue/Reflex or Pink/Reflex;

Sizes of circumference of neck:  XXS = cm 16+, XS = cm 18+, S = cm 21+, M = cm 25+, L = cm 29+, XL = cm 34+, XXL = cm 39+