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BioThane® Tracking Lead 16 mm.

Designed and patented by the American Bioplastic company, BioThane ® polyester has unique properties, it is extremely resistant to tears, abrasions and all weather conditions making it perfect for training, sport and hunting.



“BioThane® Tracking Lead” is perfect for anyone involved in tough, demanding activities such as hunting, training or sports with their dog. The long lead has been stress tested in all weather conditions to guarantee durability and reliability. “BioThane® Tracking Lead” has a twist-lock carabiner for additional safety and is also available in a version with a BGB carabiner. BioThane® material resembles leather but is much more durable, easy-to-clean and antibacterial; it is also UV, water and weather proof.


Designed to withstand even the toughest demands of sport and other activities, the long lead consists of:

  • BioThane®;
  • Choice of aluminium Twist-lock or BGB carabiner.

Washing instructions

Hand wash recommended.

Technical details


BGB is a reliable and secure fastener however Twist-lock carabiners offer superior protection and security.
“BioThane ® Tracking Lead” is tear resistant up to 450 kilograms which means that it can easily sustain any stress put on it during activities with your dog.

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