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AS Antenna

Designed from many years of experience in the dog bike sector, the stainless steel “AS Antenna” is highly functional, durable and ideal for doing sport with your dog.



“AS Antenna” can be used with bicycles, scooters or rigs and is an essential piece of kit for safe dog biking as it stops the tug line from touching the front wheel of the bike.
The antenna has undergone stress testing in all weather conditions, to ensure reliability and durability; thanks to the practical aluminium plate (screws included), it is easy to attach to your bike and is compatible with almost all bicycles. “AS Antenna” has a stainless steel spring so that it stays in place even on the roughest terrain, preventing accidents and withstanding any tugs from your dog.

It is important to choose the right equipment for your safety as well as the dog’s safety. The antenna and tug line are to be used with a pulling harness such as our Harness X Run.


Manufactured to ensure comfort and safety for users but also to withstand demanding sports activities, the antenna consists of:

  • Stainless steel spring;
  • Aluminium plate.


The steel spring can be detached without removing the aluminium attachment plate.

Technical details

How to use it


The two antennas are mounted differently. “AS Antenna” attaches to the handlebar stem (which must be at least 28mm -1.1 inches) while “GS Antenna” attaches to the bike frame itself (which must be at least 50 mm – 2 inches thick).

Watch the video in the “How to use it” section or follow this link.

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