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Advanced Technology

We are perfectionists and we love nature.

That is why we design and craft our wooden and aluminium sleds by hand, combining attention to even the smallest detail with the use of the best quality raw materials, to ensure minimum environmental impact and maximum performance.

We build our sleds using the latest generation of design and finishing tools, using numerical control machining centres for cutting and preparing materials, followed by artisanal assembly and gluing where the hands and eyes of the craftsperson are the protagonists, monitoring the build step by step and constantly checking its quality.

Thanks to the harmony between materials and craftsmanship, our sleds are unique not only aesthetically speaking but also in terms of performance and durability, able to meet the technological needs of those who compete and the practical ones of those who work with sled dogs daily in tourism.

The use of carefully selected ash together with uniquely vigorous, for the sector, precautions during assembly, such as the temperature controlled gluing and finishing, as well as cleaning and choice of materials, are a guarantee of quality in our wood sleds. The use of high-performance materials from the aeronautical industry, together with cutting and numerical control processing devices unique in the sector, has allowed us to create aluminium racing sleds that are light, easy to drive and at the same time very resistant.

This is how our KUNGEN brand was born, with the aim of thrilling the customer with our sleds.

From close collaboration with renowned Italian producers of racing bicycle frames for over 60 years,  two of our brands were born: STEALTH and IKAROS.

The frames are all built by hand using the expertise that comes from designing and building bicycles for 60 years and which have become the backbone of the “lightweight” cycling industry, led by champions of two-wheeled sports.

From the design of the frames to the final assembly process,  the whole build is crafted step by step by skill and artisan knowledge with real “hands-on” experience.

An exclusive range of products made to the highest level, built with great attention to detail and with just one goal: the pursuit of perfection.

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