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    Axaeco is based in Gafsele, Southern Lapland, Sweden, since 2007.
    We offer high quality equipment designed
    for racing sled dogs and active dogs.
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Dog sledding is done at both a recreational and professional level, and is particularly suited to Nordic type dogs. It is such an exciting activity that once you try it, you might be hooked for life.

You can’t become a musher if you don’t know about dogs and the equipment used in this extreme activity.

We are a global market leader with over 20 years of experience in the most demanding sleddog races.

Here are the products you need to train, compete, and even organize an Arctic expedition with your sled dogs:

skiing together


The great thing about skiing is that you get to do it surrounded by the most incredible nature: forests, mountains and valleys. Whether you ski on easy, gentle slopes or tackle steep climbs and descents, skiing allows you to become fully at one with the natural world and heightens your awareness of its beauty and perfection.

Now just imagine sharing your skiing adventures with your dog. It’s a great way to experience nature, exercise while having fun, and is the perfect sport for improving your well-being and that of your dog.

To ski safely, you need the best equipment on the market;

you can find everything you need, for both two- and four-legged athletes, right here:

Skiing together




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